We have created this frequently asked questions section to answer your questions so that you may know more about Grabat Energy

What does Grabat Energy develop?

Grabat Energy develops graphene-polymer cells that make high-capacity energy batteries possible. These cells are supplied to other business partners and our own subsidiaries for their implementation in different types of batteries.

Grabat Energy subsidiaries are Graphbikes, devoted to drone batteries, bicycles and motorcycles, and Grabat Renewables devoted to household batteries.

Where does the graphene Grabat Energy uses come from?

Grabat Energy uses graphene from Graphenano, its mother company.

Graphenano supplies different types of graphene, such as graphene oxide, sheets of different layers, structures (nanofibers, nanospheres, nanotubes, etc.) to all the companies of the group.

In which sectors can this technology be applied?

Grabat Energy’s technology has application in the sector of electric mobility (cars, bikes, motorcycles, drones, boats, aircraft, etc.), electronic devices (computers, smart phones, tablets, wearables, etc.) and home automation, as well as in the field of medicine (pacemakers, hearing aids, etc.).

Is Grabat hiring people today?

Grabat Energy has signed an agreement with the Servicio Murciano de Empleo to carry out the selection and training of the staff.

We are incorporating people who have all types of profiles based on the current needs.

If you want to be part of the team of Grabat Energy, send your CV via the form in the Contact section of this website.

Which companies collaborate with Grabat Energy?

Grabat Energy is currently active in negotiations and agreements with large multinationals in various sectors. The name of these companies will be made public in due course.

On February 4, 2016 the agreement with Airbus D&S became public for the manufacture of batteries for aircraft, satellites and drones with our technology, and of course the contract with our partner, the CHINT group, one of the most important Chinese multinationals in the generation of electrical energy, automation and solar panels.